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Sustainable Brands Built Here

Ready to become a thriving Sustainable Business?

The Sustainable Business Accelerator is the perfect program to help businesses launch and advance sustainability that can make a difference while growing a thriving, profitable business. 


 Through this online self study course, anyone can easily launch a successful sustainability program and learn methodologies for aligning sustainability with company strategy. 


25+ customizable sustainability initiatives to choose from! 

Advance your career by becoming a Sustainability Leader today!

A Note From Sandy 


Sandy Stewart
Founder, Think Big

My name is Sandy Stewart, and I'm a Social Impact Strategist, Carbon Footprint Specialist, and Value Growth Expert. I'm the founder of Think Big, a strategic sustainability agency that helps businesses create and sustain value growth while implementing sustainability initiatives.


I have over 20 years of experience working with SMBs and SMEs, first as a Business Coach and then further specialized as a Value Growth Trainer & Consultant. In addition, I earned the Sustainable Leadership Institute Certification from the University of Cambridge, as well as Shirlaws Coaching certification and a CoachU Graduate certificate. 

My mission is to help 1m businesses grow their sustainability efforts. Whether you start with climate impact, social impact or company value growth, the most important step is the first one. 


Together we can make a difference. 

Join me,
You are here because you are ready to make a

Why become a Sustainability Leader?

You want to know how to future-proof a company

Given the pace of change with public policy, consumer buying trends, younger labor force, Scope 3 trickle-down effect (ask me about this one!) and raw material volatility, every business will feel the pain of at least one or more of these. Whether it’s this year, next year or 3 years from now, it’s not a question of ‘if’, it’s a question of ‘when’. 

You want the competitive edge

Knowing that eventually all businesses (in ALL industries) will transition to sustainable practices including social good and and/or a net zero path, being one of the first in your field will solidify your brand ‘on the leader board’. Plus, waving your sustainability flag attracts top talent making hiring easier and faster.

You want to make a big positive impact on the world

Let’s face it. Your pioneering passionate spirit is not going to stop you from making a positive impact and paving the way for others to follow. You want to create impact by shrinking your footprint, going circular, using sustainable partners or activating leadership in your communities. Maybe all the above!  

Why are you waiting?

"Our company is too small to make a difference"

No business is too small to start. Becoming a Sustainability Leader will put you in the driver's seat to lead any company to becoming a thriving sustainable brand. 

And with over 30million small businesses in the US, as a Sustainability Leader, you can join the movement to be a small business front runner. 

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“I'm already too busy trying to keep up with the day-to-day”

Exactly why bringing in affordable outside support to help you get started. Let me, with the help of my team, take the lead for you. 

We can get you started and when you're ready, we can train you or one of your team members on how to manage it seamlessly moving forward

Want to explore outsourcing sustainability to my team? 

“We already sell a sustainable product, so we don't need to build sustainability in our operations too”

     Yesss! So happy to see so many new sustainably designed offerings everywhere. But even companies built around a sustainable offering should ALSO look at instituting sustainability.


As conscious consumerism grows, so does the need to 'walk the talk'. In fact, it’s your best way of promoting what you believe in! 

A salesperson working in an office at la

The Sustainable Business Accelerator

Choose where you want to start: PEOPLE, PLANET or PROFIT 

Customize your program from 25+ tailored initiatives

External support to put it in place

Certifications upon completion to advance your career

For Businesses Ready to Harness the Benefits of Sustainability

Do you want to learn how to future-proof your business?
Do you want to be known as a top sustainable competitor?
Ready to start with some cost-saving initiatives?


Sustainable Business Accelerator

Launch sustainability for your company

A 3 month program you can complete in just 30 days

Why build a sustainability function

in a business?

Build brand value

Reduce expenses

Grow long-term value

Attract and retain top talent 

Mitigate future compliance risk

     Think Big is focused on turning companies into

industry leading sustainable brands.

You know that becoming a sustainable company is important,

but you don't have the resources or expertise to do it. 

The Sustainable Business Accelerator is here to help!

This online self study course offers three courses designed specifically for businesses looking for cost-effective solutions to equip their teams with the skills needed to implement sustainability initiatives.


With videos, quizzes, and exercises designed to increase retention in a fun and interactive way as well as coaching from Sandy Stewart's team of experts, this program will give your business the boost it needs! 

Start your journey today and become a reputable sustainable company that makes a real difference.

It is a comprehensive program that will guide you through the entire process of designing your company’s sustainability program and launching it successfully

It involves live coaching, value-driven on-demand training, and exceptional community support.

Get started today, and you’ll be on your path becoming a sustainable brand before you know it!

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Sustainability Made Simple

Sustainable Business Accelerator

Build strategic alliances and opportunities
Follow a Clear Path Toward Sustainability
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Reduce Risk of a Costly Transition
Future-Proof Your Recruitment and Retention
Do Good AND grow company value

Want to know more?

Here's what you'll get...

One Page Sustainability Plan & Multi-Year Action Strategy
Immediate Initiatives for Saving Costs
Collaboration Program
Marketing & Communications Strategy
Innovation Leadership Plan for Engaging All Staff

Ready to see the Accelerator? 

- M. Riley

"You are going to learn things that you would never even think to try to learn, because you don't know what you don't know.  If you’re really good at your skill, but you’ve never run a business before, I don’t know how you’re going to sustainably grow your business without doing something like Think Big."

Start with a 7-Day Sustainability Challenge

Thanks for requesting more information about our 7-Day Challenges. We'll reach out to you with more details!

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