We don’t need a few companies achieving

sustainability perfectly. 

We need millions of companies achieving

sustainability imperfectly.

Either you are…

a business that offers a sustainable product/service line

and you want to…

SCALE the growth to meet the growing eco-friendly and sustainable demand


you are….

a business that simply wants to reduce long-term risk,

grow company value and gain a rock solid competitive edge by leveraging sustainable practices,

a net zero pathway and expand the offering into the eco-minded marketplace.

A Note From Sandy 


Sandy Stewart
Founder, Think Big

Who’s talking to the small and independent business market about sustainability? I am! 

With over 30m small businesses in the US, we have a huge opportunity to improve our world and to collectively start a revolution.


Businesses that begin now will save themselves time, money and headache later. It takes time to go through the journey and it can feel overwhelming to know what to do, when.


I’ve been teaching business strategy, growth hacking and value building methods for small and medium sized businesses for 20 years. Applying business know-how to sustainability challenges is THE number one business growth strategy of the decade. 


Here’s what it means for a business to ‘go green’ 

  • transitioning operations toward a net-zero carbon footprint  


  • greening up their product or service lines (adding new, removing and/or making circular existing offerings)

I love teaching smart people who are passionate about our planet and about doing good.


I would love to have you by my side!

Join me,
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You are here because you are ready to make a
Me too! In fact, everyone in the Think Big community has the same
fiery drive as you do.
But none of us can do it alone.
We need a strong community of innovators, drivers, change agents, status quo pyromaniacs and all around movers and shakers. 

Now, About You…

Whether you are a business owner, a startup entrepreneur, a manager looking for sustainability leadership skills or a business coach looking to break into the eco-minded market…

all innovators and climate heroes welcome here! 

People like us are driving sustainability and net zero for
3 main reasons: 

You want to future-proof your company

Given the pace of change with public policy, consumer buying trends, younger labor force, Scope 3 trickle-down effect (ask me about this one!) and raw material volatility, every business will feel the pain of at least one or more of these. Whether it’s this year, next year or 3 years from now, it’s not a question of ‘if’, it’s a question of ‘when’. 

You want the competitive edge

Knowing that eventually all businesses (in ALL industries) will transition to sustainable practices and a net zero path, being one of the first in your field will solidify your brand ‘on the leader board’. 

You want to make a big positive impact on the world

Let’s face it. Your pioneering passionate spirit is not going to stop you from making a positive impact and paving the way for others to follow. You want to create impact by shrinking your footprint, going circular, using sustainable partners or activating leadership in your communities. Maybe all the above! 

Why are so many eco-minded businesses struggling to grow their brand?

"I’m trying to follow advice and do my best. And hoping for the best."

How many sticky notes and lists do you have lying around just waiting to be checked off? You’ve been pouring over all the books, podcasts and webinars you can muster, then have very little time left to actually put things into practice.

Being willing to take advice is a great step, however HOPE is not a real strategy.

In the end, it’s an endless void of preparation that can lead to just giving up. That’s a real problem

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“Change takes time, and we’re already too busy trying to run the business”

Now hang on a second! First, all you need is a strategy and a plan as a starting point. Yes, it can feel overwhelming trying to put out fires all day and running to fix the squeakiest of wheels. Over and over, I see business owners staying stuck in the day-to-day only to be stuck by the day-to-day.

What you want instead is a birds-eye view of where your business should be headed, a strategy. And one that incorporates sustainability and environmental and social impact will provide insurance against rising costs, sudden compliance requirements and growing market demand.

For everything you now already do in your business, all of it started with a strategy and plan, even if it was just scribbled on the back of a cocktail napkin. 

You know the saying ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’? Thinking big is about seeing beyond the trees and seeing the whole forest. The opportunities are there (and growing…quickly!) and are yours for the taking. 

“We already sell a sustainable product, so we don't need to track net zero too”

     Yesss! So happy to see so many new sustainably designed offerings everywhere. But even companies built around a sustainable offering should ALSO look at zeroing out their carbon footprint. No business is too small to track and report toward a net zero goal. As conscious consumerism grows, so does the need to 'walk the talk'. In fact, it’s your best way of promoting what you believe in! 

A salesperson working in an office at la

Sustainable Brands Built Here

To Create and Launch a Successful Sustainability Program, All You Need is:

A simple, easy-to-follow framework

A clear strategy with actionable steps

A ton of encouragement

Accountability to see it through

For Businesses Ready to Harness the Benefits of Sustainability

Do you want to learn how to future-proof your business?
Do you want to be known as a top green competitor?
Are you ready to scale?


Think Big! turns companies into industry leading fully sustainable brands 

Here, you will build a company sustainability program to scale your business in just

3 months.

A well-built sustainability program for a company will reap benefits for years to come.


Increase sales

Cut costs

Grow value

Set a course toward net-zero

     Think Big is a consulting and coaching program that includes online business growth training and one-on-one mentorship for you and/or your team members. We focus on turning companies into industry leading sustainable brands.

This program is for companies looking to scale by leveraging a net-zero pathway and the eco-minded marketplace

The first step is a company sustainability assessment and customized list of recommended actions (immediate, short-term and medium-term). What follows is the options for mentorship, consulting, coaching and our online, self-paced training and coaching program for eco-minded and sustainable brands.

It is a highly involved comprehensive program that will guide you through the entire process of designing your company’s sustainability program and launching it successfully

It involves live coaching, value-driven on-demand training, and exceptional community support.

Think Big is not just a course. You won't be left behind with more questions than answers. 

Get started today, and you’ll be on your path to big growth before you know it!

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Sustainability Made Simple

Think Big Training and Coaching Program to
Help Businesses Innovate to Net Zero

Get More Sales in the Eco-Minded Market
Follow a Clear Path Toward Net Zero
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Reduce Risk of a Costly Transition
Future-Proof Your Recruitment and Retention
Guarantee Growth of Lifetime Value

What to Expect After
Your Assessment

Weekly Coaching Calls

Online Training Packed with Self-Paced Modules

Tools and Resources

Private Community (accountability, answers and encouragement)

By the end of the program, companies will have:

Written Sustainability Strategy & Multi-Year Action Plan
Immediate Initiatives for Saving Costs
Collaboration Program
Marketing & Communications Strategy
Innovation Leadership Plan for Engaging All Staff

- M. Riley

"You are going to learn things that you would never even think to try to learn, because you don't know what you don't know.  If you’re really good at your skill, but you’ve never run a business before, I don’t know how you’re going to sustainably grow your business without doing something like Think Big."

It's Time to Build Your Sustainable Business

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